Shakespeare Demystified: MACBETH features five actors, stretched across more than 20 roles. Utilising a minimal set, uncomplicated lighting and live music, the production focuses on the actors’ skills and the audience's imaginative interaction to enliven Shakespeare’s words.

The story: Macbeth, a valiant and honourable Scottish general, receives a prophecy from three “weird sisters” that he will be the next King of Scotland. Apprehensive at first, he eventually succumbs to his wife’s persuasion as well as his own ambition, and becomes king. Holding on tightly to the crown, he destroys his kingdom.

Macbeth is among the four great Shakespeare tragedies. It brings together elements like black magic, murders and political intringue; it dramatises the battle between the good and evil in the human heart. It also highlights the danger of seeking power for power’s sake.
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“KL Shakespeare Players’ once again provided a gripping and thrilling evening of theatre which I cannot recommend enough.”
-- Mark Sasse, Writer/Teacher/Blogger ( READ REVIEW )
“…brilliant acting from the cast paired with the effective directing…made this play a really enjoyable experience…”
-- Nadya Zahirah, Daily Seni ( READ REVIEW )
"Excellent, excellent, excellent"
-- Joyah Rivers, Daily Seni ( READ REVIEW )

“Really impressive group of actors who brought The Scottish play to life and performed with so much energy…”
-- Angela Williams, Drama Teacher, Tunku Putra International School, Kuching
“My students got so much out of it and spoke highly of the performance, design elements and music/audio.”
-- Jon Suffolk, Drama Teacher, IGB International School
“I've always been a little intimidated by Shakespearean plays but decided to come last night for the sake of my 12 year old son who'd learnt of Macbeth in school. Both of us really enjoyed ourselves.”
-- Rekha Balachandran, Parent
“I had a really good chat with my year 9s (Friday group) about favourite scenes and their thoughts. They were all very positive and enjoyed the experience of live theatre.”
-- James Butterfield, English Teacher, Uplands School, Penang