In the 60-minute performance of ​Storytelling: Shakespeare's The Tempest, three storytellers reveal a story of magic, revenge, love and forgiveness as they pull out a range of colourful fabrics and other “such stuff” from a box to create an enchanted island before an audience they interact with.

Together with the storytellers, the audience will create a storm, sing Ariel’s song, join in with the fairy feast and laugh at the antics of Caliban and the sailors. However, the audience will discover, after the performance, that they have learned key lines from the play and are able to retell the tale and even make links to moral lessons drawn from the story. 

Johnny Gillett (KLSP’s Storytelling and Training Director), has drawn on his 30 year’s experience--of creating children’s theatre and making Shakespeare accessible to young audiences--to write and direct this performance. He ensures that there are clear links in the characters’ actions to a child’s real-life experience, without losing the charm of a fantasy world that excites and entertains. The piece moves with an orchestrated rhythm through interaction and reflection, fun and poignancy to engender a quality piece of theatre for children that is also true to the essence of the Shakespeare original, but in a form that children can easily relate to. There is even the thrill of some magic tricks to keep everyone spellbound!
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